All of our vehicles come with a 3 month warranty as standard

We aim to provide mechanically sound and robust products that have been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule, however as cars are after all mechanical, we offer a standard, totally free 3 month parts and labour warranty on all vehicles.

Whilst most dealers use an external company we provide our own Warranty cover so you can rest assured you're getting the best, and most comprehensive cover possible - regardless of the make, model and mileage of your vehicle.

Parts Covered
Our standard 3 month warranty covers a huge range of parts including;

- Engine
Cylinder Block (excluding cracks and porosity), cylinder bores and liners (excluding cracks and porosity), crankshaft, crank main bearings, big end bearings, oil pump, con-rods, gudgeon pins, small end bearings, pistons, piston rings, cylinder head (excluding cracks, porosity), rocker shaft, rockers, hydraulic lifters, camshaft and cam followers, push rods, camshaft bearings, inlet and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, cylinder head gasket, inlet manifold, timing gears, timing chains, timing belt/chain tensioner, flywheel or flex plate, starter ring gear. (excludes overheating, de-coking, burnt, pitted and sticking valves). N.B. Failure of timing belt not covered.

- Manual Gearbox
Gears and gear clusters, selectors and shafts, synchromesh assemblies, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings, bushes and transfer gears.

- Automatic Gearbox
Governor, valve block, oil pump, gears, brake bands, clutches, seals, servos, shafts, bearings and bushes, modulator valve and transfer gears.

- Brakes
Brake Master Cylinder

- Clutch
Clutch plate, pressure plate, release thrust bearing, oil contamination (centre plate only), master and slave cylinders, clutch cable including self-adjusting mechanism and clutch damper.

- Differential
Internal shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers, spacers and bevel gears. Planetary gear assembly, crown wheel and pinion assembly. Includes front, rear and centre differentials (excludes viscous couplings and fluid differentials).

- Front Wheel Drive
Drive shafts, universal joints and couplings and constant velocity joints (excludes gaiters and bushes).

- Rear Wheel Drive
Drive shafts, universal joints and couplings, constant velocity joints, half shafts and bearings (excludes gaiters and bushes).

- Engine Cooling System
Water Pump

- Electrical System
Starter Motor and Alternator

Extend Your Warranty
Whilst all cars come with a standard 3 month Warranty included, we also offer extended Warranties up to 12 months and upgraded Warranties covering even more parts including Turbocharger / Supercharger, ABS, Air Conditioning, 4x4 Transfer Box, ECU etc

General Exclusions
1. Any claim arising as a result of gradual deterioration through wear and tear.
2. Any claim arising from foreign material introduced into the fuel/cooling system.
3. Failure wholly or partly due to negligence, abuse or accidental damage.
4. Vehicle recovery.
5. Any consequential or subsequential loss or damage arising from the failure of the component.
6. The failure of any part not originally fitted to the vehicle and not fitted by the Supplying Dealer or the failure of another part arising as a result thereof.
7. Any claim reported to the Supplying Dealer more than 14 days after the occurrence of the failure.
8. The failure of any part arising as a result of repairs carried out by a person not authorised by the Supplying Dealer.
9. The failure of any part disclosed as defective to the customer by the Supplying Dealer prior to the sale or for which a claim could be made under the manufacturers warranty or as a result of a recall by the manufacturer.
10. The failure of any part arising from defective design or manufacturing.
11. The cost of diagnosis of any failure.

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